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Hi! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit more about the person behind the chair!

Hair is in the Air is owned and operated by Elly Prozor. She is based out of New York City, where she works as an Educator and Independent Stylist. She frequently travels to NYC to service her clients and do bridal hair on location. Elly studied cosmetology at one of the top beauty schools in the world and graduated from Paul Mitchell. Elly has been an independent stylist ever since she graduated and has been in the industry for twelve years. Shortly after graduating, Elly was hired as an Educator and Cutting Specialist at Paul Mitchell the School Jacksonville, where she shared her passion for the industry and for education. Elly taught cosmetology for six years, where she had many opportunities to travel, continue her education and assist behind the scenes for fashion and hair shows with the worlds most renown platform artists. With Elly's passion for product knowledge, Elly took on a position as Vanite Paul Mitchell Focus Salon's Education Director, where she had the opportunity to share her knowledge and train her fellow stylists in Chicago. 

As Elly's business expanded in the bridal industry and salon world, Elly moved on to focus on building Hair is in the Air on a full time basis, in her hometown Jacksonville, FL, and on location in NYC. 

Elly believes that educating her guest and maintaining the integrity of their hair is the most important part of their service. 

Elly is originally from Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina. At a young age, Elly and her family migrated to Germany during the war in 1993 as refugee survivors. Once the war was declared over, her family moved to the United States as their home had been ruined, and for hope of a better life for her and her older sister. Elly is fluent in Bosnian, German and English. Elly is now a proud citizen of the United States. In her spare time, she loves to travel and enjoy music, particularly House & Techno. You can follow her personal IG  @elviirasworld to keep up with her latest music festival adventures! 



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